I agree, Truth is most critical element in anything we think, say or do! "Is it the truth" should always be a question we ask ourselves before we make a statement. Please check your information with a sharper eye on the statement that you report was made by the Medical Examiner concerning the death of Mr. Floyd. In trying to find the truth, I found the following "A recently published deposition, which mentioned an alleged conversation with a medical examiner who conducted Floyd's autopsy, provides no new information about Floyd's death."

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Nov 3, 2023·edited Nov 3, 2023Author

Whether it's new information or not, it disproves the widely-believed story of how he died.

And this is why we have to be so careful with these things. The media will often make statements that are factual but entirely misleading. No, it is not new information. That does not make it incorrect or irrelevant information, but that's the conclusion they're trying to lead you to by phrasing it that way.

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Very good article, the truth DOES matter. It's like once a story is out there, even if it's only a day, no one ever goes back to revisit it if it's found to be false. The news cycle moves so quickly, it's hard to keep up.

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