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Sunday School Catch-Up: The Bible Basics You Need to Know!

Church Reset: God’s Design for So Much More

Walking with the Word: The Gospel of Mark

Failure: What Christian Parents Need to Know About American Education

Transformed Faith: Living Out the Christian Worldview (w/ Dr. Brad Harrub)

Prove Yourself a Man - Teen Guys’ Devotional

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Writings and more

I post twice weekly at Bible101, a site dedicated to building basic Bible literacy.

I also contribute regularly to Focus+, a premium subscription site. Of special note are the daily devotionals my brother, Joe, and I produce, and our teaching series through difficult books like Revelation and Leviticus.


Think Deeper Podcast (follow on Facebook)
Each Monday we explore the challenges facing Christians today and address current issues from a distinctly Christian view. Co-hosted with Will Harrub and Joe Wilkie.

Who Let the Dogma Out? (follow on Facebook)
Currently on hiatus, WLDO is a theology podcast that discusses some of the deeper concepts of the Christian faith, such as man’s sinfulness, bodily resurrection, church creeds, and more.


My new series is called Cultural Breakdown, in which I discuss current events and what the Bible has to say about them.